In the course of a lifetime, the elasticity and resilience of the skin decrease. In addition, pregnancies and radical diets often leave their mark. This excess skin and fat can often be reduced neither with exercise nor with proper nutrition.

A tummy tuck can help here: this is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the abdominal wall. At the same time, it can be used to remove excess fatty tissue. With exercise and a healthy diet or lifestyle, the result will last a lifetime.

  • Tummy tuck after pregnancy
  • Toning the abdomen after severe weight loss
  • Age-related slackening of the connective tissue
  • In combination with liposuction, an even more harmonious result
  • Lasting result with sport, and healthy diet or lifestyle

Liposuction on the abdomen

Excess skin tissue can be removed with a tummy tuck. If there is too much fat under too much skin, additional liposuction is required. This allows entire fat pads to be removed, especially those stubborn deposits that can neither be minimized with sport nor with a healthy lifestyle.
In combination with liposuction on the abdomen, a mini abdominal wall lift is also often performed. It is only tightened below the navel, while the upper part remains untouched. No change is made to the navel during the cut. With a mini abdominal wall lift, only a small scar remains, like after a cesarean section.

  • Removes stubborn fat deposits despite exercise and proper nutrition
  • After a pregnancy
  • Together with a tummy tuck, it ensures a harmonious result
  • Improvement of the body silhouette
  • Cellulite improvement

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Procedure of liposuction

The so-called tumescent technique is the most frequently used procedure in liposuction. A mixture of sterile water, anesthetic, sodium carbonate and cortisone is injected under the skin through the finest cannulas. The fat cells are gently and gently opened. The injected liquid now acts directly on the fatty tissue and ensures that it detaches from the tissue within approx. 30 minutes. Then it can be drained off using the fine cannulas.

Thanks to the anesthetic it contains, tumescent liposuction is almost painless. Then the fine 3-5mm skin incisions are sutured again.


If an experienced plastic surgeon performs liposuction, complications are rare. As a result of liposuction, temporary skin irregularities and sensations of numbness can occur.

You will be informed in a detailed consultation about the expected healing process and possible complications that may arise in individual cases during liposuction.

The most important facts about abdominal correction

General anesthetic
With surgery
Stay: day clinic
Downtimes: 3 days - 1 week
Follow-up treatment: Lymphatic drainage, aftercare