Body treatments

We are THE contact for people who are not satisfied with their appearance, or who suffer from it. Everyone knows their own self-image. More than ever before, social networks stir up optical norms that have nothing to do with social reality. Many people feel, especially when their body deviates from the social norm, stigmatized and suffer mentally underneath. We take these people seriously and support them with the requested intervention, a new positive self-image.


Enlargement, reduction, breast lift
Nipple correction, correction of the male breast
Reconstruction for malformations and tumor treatment


Tummy tuck and belly button reconstruction

Upper arm and thigh lift

Combination of liposuction and tightening

Hips and buttocks

Liposuction and body styling

Arms, hands and nerves

Removal of pigment spots and skin tightening
Hand surgery: OP to relieve discomfort

Legs and feet

Liposuction (saddlebags), thigh lift, vein surgery

Intimate surgery

Vaginal tightening, stress incontinence, malformations