Breast correction

Everyone has their own individual ideal of beauty, and women's breasts are as different as every woman herself. The breast is an essential characteristic of femininity. Most women consider their shape and size to be crucial for their good looks.

That is why many women want a well-shaped breast. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift are some of the most common cosmetic surgeries in this area. This sensitive area requires a lot of sensitivity and experience.

But the shape of the breast is not only an issue for women:
In men, over the years, due to hormonal changes, fat accumulations can form in the chest area, which are perceived as aesthetically very annoying.

Breast surgery is not just about ensuring the functionality of the affected body regions; the aesthetics are, of course, also decisive.

Breast augmentation

Breast surgeries are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. They don't always result from a lack of self-esteem due to breasts that are too small. Even after tumor treatment, a breast is usually reconstructed using the new, particularly light B-Lite implants.

Surgical breast augmentation (breast augmentation) is an ideal way of adapting breasts that are perceived to be too small to the desired body image and the desired body proportions. Depending on the individual silhouette, different expectations of breast augmentation must be taken into account.

As part of a personal and comprehensive consultation, based on a 3D computer simulation, the desired shape and size of the breast and the aesthetic feasibility are discussed with the patient.

Most women want a naturally enlarged breast that harmonizes with their figure and their individual body shapes.

Reasons for breast enlargement

  • Breasts are perceived as too small in relation to the rest of the body proportions and have a negative effect on self-esteem.
  • New B-Lite implants are up to 30% lighter than conventional implants and support women with an athletic lifestyle and weak connective tissue.
  • B-Lite implants are also used for breast reconstruction after tumor treatment.
  • Breast augmentations, when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, are rarely associated with complications.
  • Most women value a natural look and a harmonious breast that matches their physique.

B-Lite implants

The new so-called light breast implants are a new generation with significantly reduced weight. Thanks to a new type of technology, the B-Lite implants have a new filling with the same proven shell. This consists of a special leak-proof cohesive gel with integrated air bubbles. Through these so-called “microspheres,” a weight reduction of up to 30 % is achieved.

Advantages of the B-Lite implants

  • They are 30% lighter with the same volume.
  • They support women with a sporty lifestyle.
  • The wearing comfort is increased.
  • The breast stays firm longer and retains its shape, which is beneficial for women with weak connective tissue.
  • The lighter weight has a positive effect on the healing process.
  • They are well suited for breast reconstructions.

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Breast reduction

Some women naturally have very large and often heavy breasts in relation to their body proportions. The size and weight of the breasts can lead to massive restrictions in the general daily routine but also especially in exercise and sport.

This can lead to postural damage in the area of the spine, tension in the shoulder and neck area, and typical tension headaches and cause psychological problems, especially in young girls and women.

Breast reduction with the procedure of breast reduction surgery can reduce the volume of the breasts. The breasts can both be raised and remodeled. These individual goals are defined together with the patient during the detailed consultation.

Reshaping the breast can also improve the aesthetics of the décolleté and balance out asymmetries. With a breast reduction, it may be necessary to move the nipples upwards at the same time as an additional tightening.

Reasons for a Breast Reduction

  • Breasts that are too large and heavy lead to restricted mobility in everyday life.
  • They can prevent women from pursuing an athletic lifestyle.
  • A chest that is too large can cause postural damage in the spine area, tension in the shoulder and neck area and typical tension headaches.
  • Unnaturally large breasts can lead to mental health problems.
  • A breast reduction can reduce the volume, lift the breast and model the shape.

Nipple correction

If the shape and size of nipples are visually disturbing or if very large, protruding nipples are painful due to constant irritation and inflammation, a nipple correction may be appropriate.

Even retracted or sunken nipples, so-called drooping nipples, can affect a woman through the changed appearance of the nipples and eczema and inflammation. In addition, the ability to breastfeed with inverted warts is severely restricted or often not given at all.

Thanks to modern surgical techniques, the desired changes in the nipples can be corrected on an outpatient basis with a comparatively minor intervention under local anesthesia.

With a nipple correction, the sensitivity of the nipples is usually retained (in some cases, somewhat limited).

A new type of minimally invasive procedure, albeit not suitable in all cases, even manages without incisions. But even in those cases where this procedure is not possible, the correction of inverted warts leaves only very inconspicuous scars:

Minimally invasive procedure
In this minimally invasive procedure (= procedure with the smallest damage to skin and soft tissues), the nipple is corrected from the outside through the skin with the help of special cannulas. In this way, the formation of scars can be avoided.

The most important facts about breast surgery

3-D scan before each operation to select breast size and shape
Operation: with anesthesia, is possible on an outpatient basis
Stay: day clinic
Downtimes: 1 week
Check-up after 6 weeks