Buttocks liposuction

If a balanced diet and regular exercise have no visible effect on the shape and volume of the bottom, affected women often find it difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. Targeted liposuction on the buttocks can bring the bottom into the desired shape. During liposuction, the fat between the skin and the muscles (= subcutaneous fat tissue) is sucked off.

Buttocks tightening

During this procedure, excess skin and connective tissue are removed. A buttock lift is often performed after liposuction to tighten the sagging skin and lift the bottom. The incisions are made either on the upper edge of the buttocks or in the buttock fold on the lower edge so that the scars remain invisible.

For a successful buttock lift, tightening the buttocks alone is often not enough to achieve the desired result. Therefore, after a tightening, an aesthetic volume distribution is often also provided. Volume can be built up using dermis flap, autologous fat transplantation or silicone implants.

Po enlargement

The buttocks enlargement is a good method to compensate for too small or too little buttocks volume, so it is equally interesting for women and men!
For people who have too small and flabby buttocks after losing weight, buttock enlargement is a gentle and safe procedure to restore harmonious proportions. An additional tightening can also be advantageous.

There are various procedures for enlarging the buttocks: enlargement using autologous fat (as a result of liposuction on the buttocks), hyaluronic acid or using an implant. The choice of method or a combination depends on the individual requirements.

The most important facts about buttock correction

Anesthesia: with general anesthesia
With surgery: 4-6h
Stay in Day clinic: 3 days
Downtimes: 2 weeks
Follow-up treatment: Lymphatic drainage, controls