EMS training, beauty & body treatment combined

In the Electro-myo-stimulation, abbreviated EMS, the muscles, especially individual muscle fibers, are stimulated with the help of electrical impulses. The use of EMS training in aesthetic surgery optimizes the results.

Myo stands for muscle. Such a thing is targeted intense muscle tension reached. The principle is simple but recognized, as physiotherapists have used it in rehabilitation since the 1970s. EMS training developed from this principle.

With the help of EMS training, a wide variety of muscle groups are not only stimulated but also trained. Our treatments in the field of Body lift and cosmetic surgery can be combined with EMS and optimized many times over. So can positive effects in terms of tightening of the skin, of the Vitalization and weight loss can be achieved. At the same time the Cell metabolism activated.

Time required for EMS training

It just takes between 30 and 45 minutes on the EasyMotionSkin and the body is recovered, the metabolism activated. The organism is purged, and so special Cellulite is reduced. The Muscles are toned that can be felt in the most remote muscle fibers. Result: a holistic body tightening. Simple but effective!

Beauty & body benefits

The one that has been used for decades Method of electro-muscle stimulation provides a variety of scientifically proven benefits for Beauty and Body. A wide variety of research projects have dealt with the physiological effects that EMS training causes. Among other things, it was found that the muscles are strengthened, the lower blood pressure value drops and the oxygen uptake is significantly improved.

For comparison: While about 400 kcal are burned in a 20-minute EMS training session, only about 200 kcal are burned in the same time during a running session.


But there are more positive effects worth mentioning from EMS training:

  •     a significant tightening of the skin
  •     a detox
  •     a significant weight reduction
  •     a vitalization
  •     the improvement of the collagen structure
  •     improving blood flow to tissues
  •     an accelerated supply / disposal of the tissue
  •     the metabolism is activated
  •     the natural elasticity returns
  •     the activation of the lymphatic system.

EasyMotionSkin - the next generation of electro-muscle stimulation

In the Private Clinic Dr. Öhler, we work with the innovative EMS system EasyMotionSkin.

Many scientific studies prove the positive effects of EMS training and the increase in training stimuli by an average of 30 percent. The results are interesting with regard to muscular imbalances, the increase in endurance, speed and maximum strength as well as the shortened regeneration times.

The EMS training burns calories because the body burns calories not only during but also for many hours after training activated, high-intensity muscle building.

In addition, EMS training is a real insider tip for skin tightening. The skin is supplied with more blood thanks to programs with special frequencies and amplitudes. This in turn leads to a tightening of the skin in problem areas such as the stomach, legs and buttocks.

Back pain is a thing of the past because imbalances are automatically compensated. Back ailments that are muscular can already occur with a minimal Stimulation in EasyMotionSkin can be fixed to about 90 percent. And that without any complicated exercises.

Intense strength trainingwithout joint pain is possible with the EasyMotionSkin. The muscles are stimulated as in intensive strength training without using heavy weights. So the joints are not stressed.

According to studies, electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) can do even more:

  •     it increases the build-up of muscles
  •     Existing muscular imbalances are compensated
  •     the speed and maximum strength can be increased
  •     mobility is significantly improved
  •     the metabolism is activated, and the blood circulation stimulated
  •     weight and fat reduction are facilitated
  •     the support and back muscles are permanently strengthened
  •     the mood and motivation improve demonstrably
  •     resistance to stress and strain increases
  •     regeneration is facilitated and the ability to relax is promoted.

EMS training can therefore be very effective. Whether it is about releasing tension, building muscles or relieving back pain, EMS training is suitable for every healthy person.

In connection to the aesthetic treatment is this EMS Training especially recommended to Targeted tightening of body regions. 

EMS training in combination with aesthetic surgery
EMS training in combination with aesthetic surgery is a guarantee for a permanent or long-lasting result.