our philosophy

From conservative to invasive

We work in a natural and beautiful environment on the Mieminger Plateau. This natural beauty is also the focus of our patients. Based on a detailed consultation and personal concerns, we develop for each patient an individual treatment plan. We set primarily on the so-called conservative therapies. Our skin changes over the years. Even with high quality and intensive care, it loses its elasticity, slackens and looks less youthful and fresh. This is quickly perceived as annoying in the face and neck area. There is a wide range of options here for medical-aesthetic cosmetics, from skin build-up to injections with special fillers to minimally invasive methods. Only when these instruments and treatment methods have been exhausted do we turn to the aesthetic-surgical options.

Skin reconstruction and screening

Well-founded skin analysis using skin screening
Skin build-up through ultrasound treatment and introduction of
Active ingredients


Wrinkle treatment with Hyaluron and botox

Minimally invasive treatments

Thread lifting: a gentle facelift using medical threads is the latest trend. Dr. Öhler is the leading international expert in this area.
Laser therapy: remove spider veins, scars, warts, hairs and ensure a smoother and firmer complexion.


Aesthetic facial surgery

The aesthetic and plastic surgery of the face requires a lot of sensitivity and experience. Not only the aesthetics are decisive, but also ensuring the functionality of the affected body regions. With increasing age and sagging skin texture, invasive surgical methods are more and more the focus of treatment therapy for a beautiful and lasting result.

Upper and lower eyelid lift:

An eyelid lift can remove excess skin and flab in the area around the eyes on the upper and lower eyelids, resulting in a younger, fresher overall impression.


Mid-face lifting

A face lift can remove furrows around the nose and mouth, frown lines on the forehead, and wrinkles around the cheeks and eyes.

Forehead lift