Intimate surgery

Correction in the genital area is often delayed for a long time. Modern plastic and aesthetic surgery offer a multitude of options for correcting the external female genitalia and helping those affected to live a more carefree life:

Congenital large labia, weak connective tissue, pregnancy and aging processes are the causes of unpleasant genitalia, which can also be a psychological strain on women.

Join in Complaints that affect everyday life and relationships: Bicycling and horse riding are often associated with pain, wearing tight clothing or small briefs is uncomfortable, and swimwear is avoided. In the leisure area (sauna, nudist) and also during sexual intercourse, one's own anatomy is experienced as mentally and physically stressful.

Why intimate surgery?

  • Congenital labia majora
  • Problems having sexual intercourse
  • Mental health problems: swimwear, underwear, sauna
  • Physical problems: pain when cycling

Possible treatments

  • Labia Reduction: In addition to aesthetic reasons for a deformity or after pregnancy and childbirth, it can also be useful for health reasons to reduce the size of the very pronounced inner labia. Discomfort can arise when cycling or wearing tight underwear (thong) or clothing. Sex life can also be impaired by the shape of the labia and the pain associated with it.
  • Labia Enlargement: If the outer labia are too small, they do not offer sufficient protection for the inner, sensitive labia. Problems with sexual intercourse, increased urinary tract infections or the feeling of a dry vagina occur because the vagina is open. Labia enlargement can help with these symptoms.
  • Perineoplasty (correction of the entrance to the vagina): A cut or torn perineum must be sutured again after delivery. If the edges are cracked or if the wound extends into the rectum area, healing will deteriorate. The muscles of the pelvic floor can also tear during delivery. This can lead to the enlargement of the vaginal entrance, which women suffer from visually and during sexual intercourse.
  • Removal of warts or birthmarks from the genital area
  • Abolition / application of piercings in the genital area

The most important facts about intimate surgery

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or twilight sleep
Operation: approx. 1 hour
Stay in Day clinic: outpatient
Downtimes: 2-3 Days
Check-up after 6 weeks