Health as a lifestyle management

An aesthetic surgical procedure can help people feel more comfortable. A nicer nose, a bigger chest, less thighs - all of these measures have a direct effect on people's self-confidence by correcting the largest physical and often closely related emotional problem areas.

Dr. Öhler advises all of his patients extensively on their individual intervention. What is also very important to him personally, and he explicitly emphasizes this with his demand that cosmetic surgery should not and should not be an individual measure:

Embedded in a healthy lifestyle management, it has a positive effect on the body and soul of its patients.

Dr. Öhler advises his patients very comprehensive and individual: starting from the aesthetic intervention, about healthy eating, the best exercise for age and constitution up to the very important today life-work balance.

Why Lifestyle Management?

Everyone wants to stay healthy for as long as possible and, above all, to age healthily. You and women can actively contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The main pillars there are:

  • An correct and healthy diet
  • Sufficient exercise: the WHO guidelines are 30 minutes of moderate training daily or 1.5 hours of intensive training once a week
  • Daily exercise is best in the fresh air: Walking for 30 minutes or walking quickly is good for your health
  • Drink enough: with increasing age the feeling of thirst decreases
  • Besides tension (at work, in the family, in your free time) relaxation is extremely important: yoga, relaxation techniques, meditation, etc.
  • Sufficient and regular sleep
  • Mental training: mental walking jogging
  • Little pleasure poisons: Smoking and alcohol
  • Social integration: healthy relationships, healthy family and leisure life
  • Your own life gives meaning: support family, children, grandchildren, friends, social projects, volunteer work, etc.
  • One daily a positive view of life: My glass is half full.

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Individual lifestyle

Of course, not all of these tips are equally worthwhile and accessible for everyone. It's about finding out what personal mix you need to feel good, to be able to say I like my life, I feel good in my skin, I feel healthy! The best thing to do is to create your own health to-do list and start with the most important personal step, regardless of whether it concerns exercise or diet. Set a goal this implement step by step and Integrate into everyday life - this motivates and demonstrably makes you happy!

Dr. Öhler advises his patients here very empathetic and individual way: Jogging is not for everyone or every woman, especially not in the morning in front of the office. What is true for one is inconceivable for another. One likes meat, the other is a vegetarian or vegan. It is not about an absolute truth when it comes to exercise, nutrition and the like, it is more about the development of his or her own personal lifestyle management.

Sustainable lifestyle

If you not only lose your love handles and find your ideal weight with the right exercise unit and your personal diet, you will also find more satisfaction and health in everyday life.

A sustainable lifestyle therefore affects the personal way of managing one's life to be able to enjoy it healthily into old age. Long-term health and satisfaction are only possible through a sustainable lifestyle.

The most important facts about lifestyle management

only the 1st step
preferably daily
best outdoors
fresh, regional and seasonal
sustainable into old age