Problem zones

Typical problem areas for women are hips, stomach and thighs (“saddlebags”). In men, bothersome fat pads are found mainly on the stomach and hip (“lifebuoy”). Liposuction is useful if the body fat remains stubborn in this or other areas and cannot be removed by other methods such as exercise AND a healthy diet.

Face, neck and chin

In the face and neck area, this method is mainly used for double chins, voluminous cheeks or to correct an angular chin line. Combinations with tightening operations, lasers or fillers lead to an optimal result. Extracted fat cells no longer grow back, so the result is permanent and sustainable.

  • More harmonious facial features
  • Fat pads on the chin and cheeks disappear
  • The procedure is painless
  • The result is sustainable

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Upper and lower arms

With increasing age, after severe weight loss or frequent weight fluctuations, the upper arms lose elasticity and strength. The skin hangs down limply and is sometimes disrespectfully referred to as "bat arms" or "wink meat" in the vernacular.

Women particularly often suffer from slack upper arms and are thus inhibited from wearing sleeveless tops or dresses with spaghetti straps in summer. For this reason, many women decide to lose fat. In combination with an upper arm lift, good and lasting results can be achieved.

Abdomen and hips

The belly belongs to many women to one of the greatest physical problem areas. Very often after pregnancy or after birth and later with the onset of menopause, unwanted fat deposits build up here. These annoying "abdominal grooves" can often not be successfully combated by situps or diet. The annoying fat cells can be permanently removed by means of liposuction. A tummy tuck also optimizes the slim waist and motivates women to wear more body-hugging clothing.
Very important:  Liposuction on the abdomen must not be a single measure but must according to Dr. Öhler into a complete and individual lifestyle management be integrated.

Thighs, legs and buttocks

For many women, fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks are their permanent problem areas. Here, the subcutaneous fatty tissue is often particularly stubborn, even with regular sporting activities. It can usually not be eliminated by consuming calories and is therefore particularly stressful. Liposuction is usually done for aesthetic reasons. The goal is to improve the quality of life through a new body contour and often through better mobility.

The method of treatment is not suitable for reducing excess weight. A firm and elastic skin is a prerequisite for a successful result, as the skin can optimally adapt to the new body shape. To optimize the result, Dr. Öhler likes to perform liposuction on "saddlebags" with a tightening of the thighs.

The most important facts about liposuction

Anesthesia: General anesthetic
Surgery: with surgery, 2h
Stay: 3 days in private clinic
Downtimes: 2-3 Days
Check-up after 6 weeks, compression