The nose is one of the most noticeable features of our face. A particularly large or crooked nose, a bump or a saddleback on the bridge of the nose is perceived as a major blemish and has a direct effect on our self-esteem. A surgical rhinoplasty can help here.

For the effect of the human face, the nose is of central importance and an important part of the self-esteem. By correcting the nose (rhinoplasty), the face can be harmonized and indirectly the appearance in private and professional life can be positively influenced. In addition to the nose, the chin is also responsible for a harmonious profile, which is why the chin area may also be included in the surgical planning.

The possibilities for optimizing the shape of the nose are diverse and must therefore be adapted individually. Since the nose should not only have a beautiful shape, but also nasal breathing should be possible without any problems, the aesthetic-plastic surgeon must master both the functional and the aesthetic aspects and have a lot of experience.

Using the latest technology, we can simulate the desired nose shape on the computer and use this 3D image to discuss individual requirements and wishes with the patient.

Reasons for a nose job

  • The nose has a very central influence on the harmonious appearance of a face.
  • Irregular nose-to-face proportions can affect self-confidence.
  • A naturally beautiful nose underlines the character of a face.
  • The desired impression can be simulated on the computer using 3D technology.
  • Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgeries performed.

Surgery of the nose

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgical operations. It is usually carried out during a short inpatient stay, which also ensures postoperative monitoring by our well-trained medical staff.

The rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes one to two hours, with more complex operations it may be longer. The changes required vary greatly from person to person - in a detailed consultation we will inform you about the best individual procedure and the procedure for the operation.

We recommend planning around three weeks for the time after the operation, as you will still be physically limited in the first time after the operation.

A lot of experience is necessary

A rhinoplasty requires a lot of experience and knowledge on the part of the plastic surgeon due to the anatomical peculiarities of the nose. In addition to the full functionality of the nose as a sensory organ, it is important that the "new" nose on the face looks very natural and harmonious. It cannot be a standard nose, which is why we proceed very individually with each nose operation.

We explain to our patients very comprehensively in a consultation about the realization of their wishes and the individual possibilities. A 3D simulation of the required rhinoplasty usually gives the patient a good first impression.

The most important facts about rhinoplasty

General anesthetic
Stay: Day clinic, outpatient up to 1 night
Downtimes: 10 days
Follow-up treatment: Nasal packing for 3-4 days