In plastic reconstructive surgery, after an accident or after tumor treatment, the focus for affected patients is on restoring the functionality of the affected organs or body parts. Dr. Kurt Öhler learned his trade in various international accident clinics and gradually refined it over the years. Aesthetic-surgical interventions place much higher demands on plastic surgery, It is not for nothing that one speaks of the supreme discipline of cosmetic surgery. These patients are not sick, but unfortunately they are under their optics. Of course, they have high demands on the plastic surgeon, as these are often personal and intimate problem areas.

With this in mind, Dr. Kurt Öhler runs his most modern private clinic in the beautiful ambience of the 5-star wellness resort Schwarz. This is where his patients receive a better infrastructure than in a conventional hospital or clinic:
Nice rooms, good food, a modern and spacious spa area, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, a beautiful landscape, a golf course and much more. In this vacation setting, people are much more relaxed before surgery and recover from it faster.

Dr. Öhler leads with every patient a detailed and discreet consultation. He analyzes the initial situation and realistically assesses the possibilities that arise for the patient from the treatment. For him, it is not just about a single intervention or the removal of the problem area, but about one holistic lifestyle management.

Holistic is our principle

It is well known that beauty comes from within. Nevertheless, we know that the more attractive the external appearance, the more positive our charisma and the greater our professional success. A radiant and good appearance, regardless of age, signals health, attractiveness and success.

Everyone can lead a healthy life: Sometimes, however, a healthy diet and physical activity are not always enough for their body to shape aesthetically. Sometimes our own genes also prevent us from conforming to social norms. Many people can accept themselves for who they are, others suffer from their appearance.
In such cases, for example if your self-esteem suffers from a nose that is too big or a breast that is too small, a professional can plastic surgery help very well to find one's personal balance.





Individual and natural

In the Private Clinic Dr. Öhler in the Alpenresort Schwarz in Tyrol, a unique medical center in the Alps, patients and their needs are the focus:
Dr. Öhler attaches great importance to the individual and natural look of his patients. The starting point is a very detailed consultation in which the patient describes his situation or his problem area. After an initial analysis and a professional assessment of the wish and realization, Dr. Öhler one individual treatment plan for his patients.

He primarily relies on so-called conservative or non-invasive therapies. Only when the range of these classic treatments, from building up the skin to injections, has been exhausted does he turn to aesthetic surgical solutions.

Holistic means not only seeing and treating a problem area, but also focusing on the whole person. He should feel good in his body and in his life!
(Dr. Kurt Öhler, plastic surgeon, head of the private clinic)


This includes before a potential OP beautiful necessary lifestyle changes such as more exercise, proper nutrition, etc. After an operation the post-operative follow-up but also a accompanying lifestyle management in the focus to achieve a satisfactory long-term result. This includes the integration of movement into everyday life, one healthy and balanced diet as well as a good work-life balance.

In case you are thinking of getting a plastic surgery then you must have a number of questions for us. We advise you very comprehensively and absolutely discreetly! The team of Dr. Öhler is available every morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to make an appointment. The afternoon belongs to our patients.

We look forward to welcoming you to our private clinic:

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