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Unevenly distributed body fat on the hips and buttocks is difficult to combat with exercise or diet. That is why even slim women often have so-called saddlebags. If the fat collects on the outer thighs and the outer buttocks area, this corresponds to the shape of earlier saddlebags, which is why this striking term has become established.
Liposuction, also known as liposuction, can help remove these annoying love handles on the thighs and bottom in a targeted and permanent manner.

Treat saddlebags

If the fatty tissue is not only visually disturbing, but it is also pressure-sensitive and painful, lipedema can also be present. If the patient - mainly women - complains about a feeling of tightness, heaviness of the legs and frequent bruises, it is essential to clarify these symptoms medically in order to rule out lipedema.

Since the fat tissue in saddlebags is usually symmetrically distributed on both legs and the buttocks are often hit, but the feet are left out, the result is a disturbing, harmonious overall impression. Affected women often suffer very badly. A lot of exercise, especially swimming and a good diet are beneficial for health, but visually they can do (almost) nothing against saddlebags.

A liposuction can provide permanent relief here:

  • Liposuction on the problem areas
  • Targeted modeling and shaping of the silhouette on the legs and bottom
  • Proportions become more harmonious
  • Rarely complications
  • Lasting result with exercise and good nutrition

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Procedure for liposcution

The doctor uses a cannula to inject large quantities of a special rinsing fluid into the fatty tissue. This so-called tumescent solution contains, among other things, a local anesthetic, table salt and adrenaline. It is then sucked out of the tissue along with a lot of fat. This technique is also called "wet" liposuction. It can be supported by a water jet or vibration.

  • Water jet liposuction: After administering the Tumszens solution, the fat is loosened with a fan-shaped water jet and sucked off.
  • Vibration liposuction: The suction cannula is set in motion. Since fat cells are slower than blood vessels and nerve cells, they are loosened and sucked out.
  • Ultrasonic liposcution: High-frequency ultrasound selectively destroys only fat cells without any negative effects on the surrounding tissue.


Liposuction is a standardized procedure and the convalescence period is usually unproblematic. After the operation, bruises or swelling may appear, which can be relieved with compresses and gradually go away completely.

It is advisable to wear special compression underwear during the convalescence period, which promotes the healing process. In the first five days after the procedure, you should rest a lot and not exert yourself. Everyday and professional activities should be gradual. The final result can only be seen four to six weeks after the procedure, then you are fully physically fit again.

The most important facts about saddle trousers treatment

General anesthetic
with surgery
Stay: Day clinic 5 days
Downtimes: 1 week
Follow-up treatment: Compression underwear, control