Skin tumor removal

As part of tumor surgery, tumors are removed from all over the body with the help of special techniques. In addition to benign tumors of the skin such as moles, fibroids, etc., this also includes malignant changes after histological evaluation. Examples of this are malignant melanoma and basalioma, the most common skin tumors.
Especially in the case of malignant changes, it is important that the tumor is completely removed, but at the same time the aesthetics are preserved. Plastic-surgical operation methods and refined suturing techniques are therefore used.


Hyperhidrosis is an overactive sweat gland. This leads to excessive sweating, especially in the armpits and hands and feet.
Most of those affected suffer a lot from it: the constantly wet limbs or sweat stains under the arms lead to severe psychological stress for those affected.
This hyperfunction can be treated by injecting botulinum, which interrupts the transmission of the nerve impulse, or by suctioning off the sweat glands.


Gynecomastia is the unilateral or bilateral enlargement of the male mammary gland. A distinction is made between the so-called real gynecomastia, which is caused by an actual pathological increase in the mammary gland tissue, and the false or pseudo-gynecomastia, in which excess fat accumulates in the area of the male breast.
The plastic surgeon can specifically suction off the fat and remove the excess glandular tissue.